You run your business 24/7 and the deeper you get, the bigger your blind spots become.

You want to become a [INSERT BIG DREAM HERE] but your friends and family aren't buying in.

You've failed big-time before and can't imagine you're actually capable to achieving something huge.




This trio is the mindset of the modern entrepreneur. Creativity is not just for artists and strategy is not just for managers; and self, that's the only thing we can truly control. I want to help you determine where to invest your time, how to think big constructively, and how to create implementable paths toward those lofty dreams. The tools you learn working with me are tools you can use for the rest of your life, share with others, and explore further if your curiosity demands. 

Coaching Oath:

"I will empower you to make all of your needs, wants, goals, and dreams possible."


$250 / 4 sessions per month

Your corner-woman in the boxing ring of life. A CEO of a major company and an individual just realizing they want to achieve more can equally benefit from creatively strategic support, no matter the challenge. We'll schedule weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings to discuss projects, align priorities, acquire implementable tools, and ensure confident decision making.



$150 / session

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. 

Whether you have a business, are a multi-faceted entrepreneur, or an individual who wants to accomplish a great deal this year, let's take your challenge and make it possible. We'll assess your goals, opportunities, possibilities, and potential obstacles; then create an actionable plan with milestones, tasks, a toolbox, and a schedule to keep you on track to the finish line.



Starting at $250

Whether you have a website you've outgrown or are starting from square-one (pun intended), we'll meet to discuss your mission, your goals, your brand, and things you didn't know went into your web design. With this acquaintance, I'll create a Squarespace website using media, user experience, strategic design, and integrated engagement platforms that you will be able to manage on your own in the future. All website design sessions include Squarespace training so you're confident on your own with your completed site.