St Petian, a lifestyle + culture magazine

Primary involvement + activities: 

  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design + publishing layout
  • Image curation from Instagram
  • Licensing and legal structure
  • Concept design
  • Team building + leadership
  • Social media marketing
  • On-camera advertisement + press engagement
  • Crowdfund development
  • Printing oversigh

St Petian Magazine began as a lighthearted debate between referring to individuals who live in St. Petersburg, FL as 'Burgers or St Petians. Through a developing drive to publish a community-centric magazine and a spontaneous dive into cultural anthropology, the idea morphed from a title to an ethnography: a description of a group of people's customs and culture. 

I sought funding through Kickstarter, seeing crowdfunding as the most grassroots way to bring this magazine to the masses. Though the campaign was unsuccessful, the creative community and local journalism hub remain in the hands of a volunteer team in St. Petersburg, FL. 


Interior spreads, featuring crowdsourced artwork.


Branded tote bags and stickers accompanied the initial magazine release.


Sponsors received the embedded package for review before choosing their level of engagement. 


Special thanks to Daytime for inviting me on their morning spot to discuss St Petian, distribution, and the importance of showcasing authenticity in your local community. 


Browse through issue one, The Weekender.