Not Seen as We Seem

The sunset fast approaches
Sweat beads my brow
though it is a balmy summer's eve

Darkness approaching
but what is worse than moonlight?
Moonlit monsters

It is only but a fortnight
We have spent on this planet
But oh, how they threaten

Morning rises quickly
shines and burns
Too close to the flame

Midday search for food
almost always
a failure

When the breeze blows
we are calm, but
with uncertainty

For when night draws
near the Earth cracks
little fractures in dust

What emerges? We must
shut our eyes
for fear that we shall see

That they shall see

We are but visitors
unwelcome and afraid
How they hunt us

"There! Get them!"
Panting, running, climbing
We scurry from their stars

Only daylight protects
from these monsters
of the moon

White glow across their
snarling teeth
We tried to plead

They simply do not see

For in the moonlight
we are not as we seem
The water has shown

In its reflection
we are not as we
have always know

How can this be?