Women Taking Leaps - Live Interview with Morgan Hamel


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In this podcast recording from our live Instagram interview, Morgan Hamel of The Garment and I discuss the leap she's taken in creating her ethical fashion-focused business. We touch on her life before The Garment, working as an ethicist for an oil & gas firm for over a decade. We dive into what inspired her to create The Garment and how the model has evolved over time.

Morgan touches on her creation of the "Virtual Pop-up" shopping experience, something she thought was already in existence but soon discovered was an untapped business opportunity. Through her work with slow fashion designers and consumers, she's learned to serve the various problems that these individuals face when they're looking to connect.

Photo by  Kara Rohl

Photo by Kara Rohl

We talk in-depth about her "Real Models" shoots, which include open casting calls in her area for women of all sizes, shapes, and skin tones. This has been a real learning experience in the realm of inclusion and diversity, but she has seen a great deal of success in each of her shoots.

I invite you to listen to the podcast at your leisure, whether you're familiar with ethical fashion, interested in women-run businesses, or simply want to feel like you're in the room with us. This is my first podcast, my first attempt at editing audio, and my first live interview ever. Thank you for joining me in this first of many Women Taking Leaps interviews of 2018, and for celebrating the audacity of women.

About Morgan Hamel, founder of The Garment

Taking the leap to create an innovative business model that connects women with ethical brands and provides education for a more conscious shopping experience.

Photo by  Kara Rohl

Photo by Kara Rohl

Morgan Hamel is the brains and brawn behind The Garment, a Canada-based business connecting women with ethical and sustainable clothing brands and providing educational workshops for developing capsule wardrobes. Fast Fashion has been making headlines as of late but Morgan is a long-term champion, referred to directly as an ethicist. Each season, The Garment hosts 'virtual pop-ups' which include key pieces vetted and approved by Morgan, in a central location with a special discount to help women update their closets with confirmed-ethical pieces.

Learn more about Morgan and The Garment:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegarmentlife/

Website: http://www.thegarment.ca

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