Wildflowers100 - A Tranformative Experience

Graphic courtesy of Mari Partyka

Graphic courtesy of Mari Partyka

The first 100 days of 2017 proved to be a beautiful example of a life-in-progress. I pursued many things that weren't in my plans, looked at the world through new eyes, and found comfort in a new relationship with the word peace. This project, inspired by fellow blogger Mari Partyka, is a departure from New Year Resolutions and goal setting; instead, it's a clearing for a list of activities (big or small) that will breed joy in your heart. 

Some of these items, like Eat Gluten and Minimize to Minimalism were more about overcoming mental barriers than accomplishing anything. Start a Blog was the first one I could cross off, as I started this blog with the post! However, some items didn't turn out as I'd hoped (Native Wildlife Habit) and some didn't happen at all (Visit Family in PA). 

The importance of milestones was solidified in this experience. It is a milestone for me to eat gluten, having abstained for at least 3 - 5 years (time flies!). And milestones are a cause to CELEBRATE. I used to be the type of person who, instead of stopping to acknowledge a success, would brush it off as "just another step toward the larger goal" or something otherwise minimizing my efforts and experience. 

No one could transform that way of being but me. And I was counting on something or someone else doing it for me. 

This exercise and this blog have created a clearing for my purpose to emerge: to share, inspire, and support the elegance that is a life-in-progress. In an age where it's more common to talk about how much we compare ourselves to others than it is to acknowledge what we are accomplishing as individuals, I can no longer ignore how sad that makes me for my peers. 

It's with immense gratitude that I close the first 100 days of 2017, take with me what I learned, and leave complete to begin a new chapter. 

Check out the full list below.

1.       Create a Reusable Cleaning Set* in progress

d.       reusable produce bags*
e.       laundry soap nuts
f.        wool dryer balls
g.       essential oils*

a.       2 knitted washcloths
b.       set of flour sack towels*
c.       natural all-purpose cleaner with recipe in a reusable glass spray bottle

2.       Visit Family in PA - Though I was unable to visit them, this declaration brought to my attention that it is important to me to connect with far-living loved ones. So, more calls - more emails - and more frequent visits are in order this year. 

3.       Lead a 5.10* Ryan says I have, but I can't remember so I can't confirm

4.      Install Native Wildlife Environment *Completed! Full of butterflies, but not decidedly Pinterest worthy...

5.       Pay-off Credit Card Debt - In pursuing this (major) investment in my future, I became more connected with my credit union and opened up more financial opportunities than I thought possible! Debt will be paid off this year, and I'm so much more confident in the team helping me accomplish that. 

6.      Go Car-Free *Completed, Bright Eyes is off to a good home! 

7.       Minimize to Minimalism *Completed, because I make it so. 

8.      Eat Gluten *Completed! 

Organic sourdough loaf with  Katie's Goods  jam + toffee. 

Organic sourdough loaf with Katie's Goods jam + toffee. 

9.    Teach a Class - despite having a couple on the schedule, it occurred to me that this was simply not my calling at this time. And for the first time, I am okay with that. 

10.   Harvest & Eat From My Garden *Completed. Eaten + homemade smudge sticks currently drying out. 

11.   Start a Blog *Completed, subscribe to receive new posts to your inbox

12.   Make Kombucha *In progress - SCOBY is growing! 

13.   Complete the Landmark Forum *Completed! Read the follow-up post here

At the time of writing, I'm enrolled in Landmark's Self-Expression & Leadership Program

At the time of writing, I'm enrolled in Landmark's Self-Expression & Leadership Program

14.   Make a Mixtape (well, most likely a Spotify playlist) *Completed, check (them) out


Did you create a Wildflowers100 or New Year Goals list this year? 

Share it with me in the comments. I'd love to know what you're up to, what you're accomplishing, where you're stuck, and what you're hoping for. Check out the original Wildflowers100 blog to see how it all began. 

With gratitude,