Surprise Spring Snow in Oak Ridge

I hopped out of bed as though it were Christmas when I saw the flurry outside. The sun was just beginning to rise over our valley, blue light seeping into the dark bedroom, willing to me stay snuggled under the covers.

On the second day of Spring, however, low temperatures and the tempermental wet tendencies of East Tennessee bestowed us the beautiful gift of all-day flurries!

Not much snow stuck to the ground, but especially in the frigid early hours, plenty of snowflakes and frosted branches remained for me to enjoy.

I took these photos with my Sony A7RII in very low light and processed them gently in Adobe Lightroom CC.

Trails from our small "yard" lead into Oak Ridge greenways throughout the city.

We have two main trails from our property - one which leads up a hill to the ridge and travels Soutwest and the other which travels West into the Oak Ridge greenways.

Even the Slow Rolling Home enjoyed a light coating of snow.

The light here changes so frequently and with such variations. Some days are bright orange and burn hot in the sun. Others are like this snowy morning, which are a spooky blue, leaving our bus to look like a towering beast.

Did you receive spring snow wherever you are?

Share a photo with me in the comments. I'd love to see your Spring!