Spring Has Sprung in East Tennessee!

My first spring living outside the seasonless realm (Florida) has been a glorious experience. Blossoming daffodils, bird symphonies, and these stunning white flowering trees!

These trees stand in my neighborhood at the base of a hill and tend to exist in pairs in residents' yards. I did a bit of research to discover what kind of tree this is.

Bradford Pear Trees

As it turns out, only female trees are this beautiful and fragrant. Male Bradford pears smell like dead fish!

I had to photograph these trees before all their flowers gave way to green leaves.

When the wind blows, white flower petals float like snowflakes.

Spring Symphonies

Robin, our soloist
certainly not the slowest

Initiates the tempo
of this springtime flow

Undertows rush from the seas
and the blades of grass
in the breeze

Rain drip drops
And just before the storm
the beat stops

Thunder fills the sky
temperatures rise

Bees and flies hum
Deer hoves like a drum

As the winds crescendo
A heat wave takes is slow

And so goes the Spring Symphony
Leading us gently to
Summer's tranquility