Soul Shine Herbal Sun Tea Recipe


Sun Tea: brewing method where herbs and tea leaves are steeped in clear glass in direct sunlight, rather than over a contrived heat source.

Soul Shine tea was blended as a midday pick-me-up, specifically on days where you feel your spirit slogging through the mud of monotony.


p = parts, blend to these ratios according to your desired resulting quantity.

  • 4p rose
  • 2p calendula
  • 1p hibiscus
  • 1p elderflower
  • 1p echinacea
  • 1 jujube

Steep in 32oz filtered water (per this ratio) in preferably a glass jar. Leave in direct sunlight from the highest point of the day to the highest point of the following day.


Closure to what's been born and bloomed, ushering in a regenerative rest and ultimate reset.


Light to guide our pathway down the river of hidden dreams, awakening our deepest creativity under the covers of gentle slumber.


Ignite the fire in our spirit to make fresh what has been washed clean in the river of our soul's desires.


Bid farewell to the draw of mysterious wanderings, for the tangible realm anticipates our contribution.

Best enjoyed over ice, and strong enough to be used as a concentrate.