Mother Nurture, Herbal Tea Recipe to Remedy Mommy Stresses

Mother Nurture

A daisy family (Asteraceae) free tea to reduce anxiety, foster unconditional patience, and ground the soul to the earth.


p = parts, blend to these ratios according to your desired resulting quantity.

  • 2p motherwort

  • 2p passionflower

  • 2p dried elderberry

  • 1p ashwagandha root

  • 1p holy basil

  • 1p elderflower

Steep 2 teaspoons absentmindedly in boiling water for 8 - infinity minutes, depending on how long it takes you to calm the beasts and make your way back to the teapot. Setting a timer definitely helps. Enjoy hot, or steep twice as much tea in 12oz water and pour over ice for a tasty concentrate. Add honey or whiskey to cut the "plant-y" taste and add to your benefits.


In the comments of my previous post: Soul Shine Herbal Sun Tea Recipe I asked visitors to request a tea for whatever theme or emerging experience was existing in their daily lives. One of those visitors was the lovely @katrina-ariel, who requested:

"Can you possibly make me a recipie to reduce anxiety (a.k.a. mommy stress)? Please no chamomile or related flowers, as my body doesn't like them... everything else should be good."

Of course! I am always up for a challenge. The idea of translating an existential experience into an herbal supportive blend is some multi-media artwork that gets me going. Having met Katrina, given her a big hug, and felt her energy in that moment, I channeled that influence into my chosen herbs.


Primary Herb: Motherwort

In almost all of my blends, the recipe is led by a primary herb or ingredient. Motherwort - and if you can guess by the name alone - is the most supportive herb for mothers (of all designations). While it's primarily employed for PMS and post-partum depression, it has a diversity of powers that balance the impacts of motherhood stress. Competing energies with your children, monkey-brain from trying to keep up with it all, worries and concerns for your sweethearts; all of these are the natural tolls of motherhood, and Motherwort does a wonder in smoothing the bumps in your psychological experience as a mom.

The remaining herbs were chosen not just on their textbook description (which I also check in my copy of Herbal Therapies by David Winston, RH(AHG)

  • ashwagandha ~ immune support, earthly grounding, stress relieving, and overall well-being support

  • holy basil ~ [one of my favorites!] opens the connection between your intellect and the universal truths within yourself and about you in the world. also a mental calming + clarifying agent, monkey-mind clearing, and the same herb imbibed on a regular basis by Hindu yogis 6000 years ago

  • passionflower ~ relaxing, heart-opening, patience improving, and mental smoothing effects

  • elderberry ~ because kids are petri dishes, and also for a bit of sweetness to help you keep it easy

  • elderflower ~ the wisdom of every woman who came before us resides in these blooms, and their guidance naturally eases worries and fosters trust in yourself as a caretaker and resilient soul


Though linden and fresh oat appear in the written draft of this recipe, I did not have either of these in my stash and chose to work only with what I had. While fresh oat + linden are supportive for the feminine energy and stellar for the reduction of stress without numbing the mind, this tea will be a little sweeter and tastier without them.

What you see above is my herbal stash. When I find inspiration for a tea, a tincture, or a steam of some kind, having a solid collection of dry herbs on hand is a must even for the hobby herbalist. All kinds of ailments and esoteric disturbances come into our lives on a daily base - for my partner, my friends, myself, and for you lovely folk on Steemit.

As hilariously awkward as I feel, here is a photo of a very happy home herbalist blending a tea for a soul she loves dearly.


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