Morning Tea Rituals

Photo by Igor Miske

Rituals are what you make them. They happen when you act. They're not time-bound or goal-oriented unless you establish those parameters. They are the rhythm of your life, and they work when you do.

I try to have a morning tea ritual every day. If my son is sleeping, I sit quietly and sip slowly. If he’s awake, I grab my cup and try to finish it while it’s hot!
— Daniella Messina

Wake up, breathe deep, prepare tea. 

Start with what type of tea to start your day. You can choose caffeine to get started straight away or start lighter with a white, oolong, or herbal to ease in. If none of those are your cup of tea, hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice is the Ayurvedic morning tonic for the ages. 

My favorite morning tea: Dan Cong Honey Orchid

It needn't be perfect, simply warm.

While your tea is steeping, look out your window, or at the photos in your frames, or around your home at all that you treasure. Enjoy the quietness of the morning. There's no rush.

When your tea is ready, pour it into a favorite cup. Preferably something you can hold with two hands. By keeping your mug in both palms, you are fully invested in the experience, not multi-tasking or fidgeting. 

Photo by Matthew Henry

Find a comfortable space - on the couch, the porch, in bed, on the floor - and we rest ourselves in place with both hands on our mug, breathing in the steam and allowing the tea to ready itself for us. 

Of course, you can take a picture of the tea. You can style the tea for a flat lay or your Instagram story. You can scroll or watch or do anything you like during your morning tea ritual.

Start to finish, it feels like a magical dance to me.
— Sarita Arrazola

For Sarita's morning ritual recipe, see the bottom of this post! 

I implore you to listen to what calls to you. 

Most tea leaves can be steeped again and again up to 4 or 5 times; more if you're me and you're just drinking it for the experience. At the very best, acknowledge what becomes present for you during your morning tea. What are you thinking about? Or, not thinking about? Do you have worries or fears? Do your day fill you with excitement or dread? 

I find that the truth tends to reveal itself at the bottom of a still-warm, but empty teacup.

Do you have a morning tea ritual? Has this inspired you to start one? Share your experience below.