Grace: A Visual Moodboard for Inspiration

What is grace to me?

When I think of grace, I try not to focus solely on individuals. Of course, there are a few people who come to mind, but grace is more than a person. A person exemplifies grace in any combination of ways. Yet, grace in a person is inspired by the grace native to our environment. The elegance of wind blowing through an evergreen forest. How soothing and comfortable it is to sit in an intimate setting with a pianist playing the music of ages past. A bird’s nest, crafted piece by piece to only last the childhood of the mother’s babes. The courage in facing obstacles with only hope as your guide. 

As I begin this exploration of grace, I made two collections of my current understanding and perspective of grace. Words first, then images.

I invite you to create one or both of these collections in relationship to your own year’s theme. Visit them often, seek opportunities to exemplify them in your daily life. Get to know your theme and form a relationship with it, make it your own. Make it yourself.


Elegance. Exemplification of balance. Self-assurance. Comfortable in one’s own skin. Nature. Wind, ocean, forest. Movement. Self-mastery. Curiosity, inquiry, scholar. Hope. Punctuality. Forgiveness. Empathy for others, self-sacrifice. Boundaries. Discretion / honesty. Courage. Creating a comfortable space for others. Wisdom.