#FollowFriday: Five Authentic Lifestyle-Livers to Follow on Instagram

Each week, I share a small themed collection of people curating accounts that inspire me. I keep my follow count low so I can be sure I'm getting to see each person I follow on a regular basis. 

This week, I'm highlighting five ladies whose accounts may not look as "branded" as some of the highly followed 'lifestyle' accounts, but whose eye for beauty in the ordinary sets them apart from the masses.

Please check out and enjoy these five authentic lifestyle portrayals on Instagram. 


Jean Labuschagne

 conservationist | nomad 🐘 Garamba, DRC

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While I have never met Jean, I feel like I know her soul just a bit. She shares photos of her humble home, her fast exploration and conservation work in Africa, and the special moments that make her days - all in a muted, dusty tone. I can almost feel the breeze on my shoulders in some of her photos. 

You can see a photo tour of Jean's home on the Quiet Traveler Blog.


Michaela Cisney

Michaela appeared on my blog first as a part of the Women Taking Leaps interview series. She's a mover and shaker like you wouldn't believe - she started a now fast-growing non-profit benefiting children and mothers in India, while also running Quiet Traveler, a travel blog focused on nuances of slow, intentioned travel. Her personal feed is a depiction of her own quiet, well-traveled life, and is always a source of peace and inspiration. 

You can read more from Michaela on: 

Priyam Global: Instagram / Website

Quiet Traveler: Instagram / Website


Christine Alba

 iPhone photos of people, places and things that make me happy. NJ, USA.

I had the pleasure of meeting Christine when I visited a friend (also featured below) in New Jersey for the weekend. We three had coffee and treats in Maplewood and had a blast talking all things Instagram, inspiration, and the overall wonder of life. Christine, whose Instagram shot up in popularity early-on being featured by Martha Stewart, Instagram, and other large accounts, has always stayed true to her style and what she's passionate about, which includes a lot of nature and staging natural items. 


Mari Partyka

 Outdoor enthusiast living a quiet, mostly organic lifestyle.

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Mari is one of my dearest friends, and I include her on this list because at the beginning of the year, her fascination with Instagram turned into a full-on immersion in the photography, Stories, and even a facelift for her long-running travel blog. Having been to her house, I can say firsthand how genuinely calm, slow, and nurturing her life is. Everything she shares is only a representation of what decades of conscious lifestyle curation can accomplish - it's spectacular.

You can read more from Mari on her blog: Clover & Fig


Kindall Edwards

 St. Pete, FL • barista • professional dabbler • skilled babbler • pun & abbreviation enthusiast

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It's no secret - Kindall Edwards is my best friend. What is also the best, however, is her keen visual style. I always joke that her perspective is pure 1970s and that everything leads back to coffee, but her diverse light play, mild obsession with tropical houseplants, and the fact that she works in the most beautiful cafe in St Pete make for a visually delectable feed. 


Give these ladies a shout out on their photos and let them know what's resonating with you.

If you're on Instagram, you know that it's a balance between sharing what you love and creating art out of everyday life. This is a small fraction of the 'lifestyle' universe, but each of these women creates a virtual world I feel intimately a part of. 

Share your favorite lifestyle accounts below, I'd love to check them out!