5 Slow & Simple Living Accounts to Follow on Instagram Today

I will be the first to admit: I follow a sum total of 5 - 7 friends on Instagram, out of my 200+ follows. I do that simply because I see all of these folks' posts on Facebook and prefer to save my Instagram as a place of artistry, curation, and inspiration. 

These five slow living accounts are my favorites, each for their own reasons.

Some have under 1000 followers while others are popular and run widely-read blogs. I'm not concerned with their audience, more how they choose to share their lives. Each of them inspire me and hopefully, will inspire you too.

Ashley Perkins - @ashkaraperkins

Exploring the Art of Slow, Sustainable Living

Ashley's muted brown and silver color scheme that threads her posts together gives a sense of ease and exploration. Her photos are stunningly sharp, featuring: places, seasons, woods, and items that make up her slow life. She also shares her favorite brands in the realm of sustainable and ethical fashion and textiles, something I'm very interested in, though have yet to take the plunge. I've even found a few products made by amazingly sustainable companies that are now on my wish list!

You can read more from Ashley on her blog.


Mary Zherebnenko - @jammn

redeemed • wife • garden lover • massage therapist • curious mind • homebody • simple living

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I stumbled upon Mary's feed following a reposted photo of her fire cider batch. For those of you that don't know me, I have a semi-private passion for homemaking medicines, medicinal products, and healthy snacks. Seeing how Mary integrates her passions of simple living, health, and flora have inspired what I "focus" on when I'm sharing my world. Too often do I feel scattered by the amount of activities I seem to be passionate about at one time, by Mary elegantly threads them together in a way that makes me think we'd be instant friends.

You can read more from Mary on her blog.


Olivia | Simply Liv & Co. - @simplylivandco

 Slow living + Slow Fashion + Simple Wardrobes

Olivia is someone I can count on to show up in my feed and keep it real on topics I truly care about. Her photos have a raw sense to them - they're sometimes beautifully imperfect, other times perfectly beautiful, and always genuine. Her focus on slow fashion and sustainable living come through not just in her photos but in her captions and the projects she takes on with brands and her writing for her blog. She's also very engaging and conversational, so I feel like we are connecting, even just momentarily, when I leave a comment or send a message. 

You can read more from Olivia on her blog.


Odile 🕯 - @odilepp

 Textiles & objects designer Slow living | Outdoor enthusiast | Creative type | Qc 

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Odile's posts are so dreamy and graceful, with a white-brown-green earthy feel to them that implores me to take a deep breath when I come across her work. She focuses on interiors, small moments, and ever-present greenery, emphasizing the clean white spaces around her. While I can't say I know anything about this woman, her photos evoke a sense of peace in me that I wish to channel in my own life.

You can read more from Odile on her blog.


Erin Boyle - @readtealeaves

 slow, simple, sustainable. | author of the book SIMPLE MATTERS

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Erin's blog caught me long before her Instagram, but she happens to have an incredibly authentic voice everywhere she shows up. I can't say I ever had child-envy until I saw the genuinely sweet and graceful photos of her and her daughter experiencing life, moving through a busy world together slowly and with love. On her blog, Erin shares the beauty in the ordinary, a principle I can only hope to implement in my daily mindset. 

You can read more from Erin on her blog.


Who are your favorite slow and simple living Instagrammers? Link them in the comments below!