5 Female Travelers to Follow in Instagram Right Now

I get my wanderlust momentarily satisfied via these lady travelers from the comfort of my couch.

However I came across each of them, their individual journeys touch me in ways that spark my excitement and anticipation of what is possible. Whether traveling for fun, for lifestyle, for work, or once in a while on the weekends, the exploration of new places ranks high in my priorities. 

These women inspire me to go out and see the world my own way. 

It certainly doesn't hurt that their photography and creative style skills are off the charts! 


@kelleyclane - European designer and traveler

Kelley's profile is so strikingly beautiful - and the most unassuming on this list. No special bio, no follower growth tactics or even hashtags. Not to knock any of those things, but it Kelley is creating this content just for herself and for those who happen to find her. The European adventures, the snowy wintery north, and the gorgeous cohesive color schemes that stitch the grid into little vignettes keep me coming back to her profile. 


@_elizabethcurtis - yoga teacher • wanderer • creative ❁ Ubud, Bali

Elizabeth's dreamy wandering in exotic locales, and her now residence in Bali, bring me to a different world as I peek through her Instagram. I adore the soft moodiness of her work and her focus on slowness, health, and personal well-being. 

You can read more from Elizabeth on her blog: http://www.elizabeth-curtis.com/


@monetsommers - american expat living in germany

Monet's knack for storytelling gives a perfectly balanced travel feel with that sense of "feeling at home in the world". Her photos capture the daily moments that inspire her, regardless of the location. It isn't just facades or mountains - it's the beauty that one can find anywhere. She inspires me to see my hometown differently. 

You can read more from Money on her blog.


@freyadowson - Traveling Photographer based in London

The beauty of Freya's work lies in its impact - she's a renowned photographer in the nonprofit space, shooting photos, video, and providing creative directions to organizations making change in the world. She utilizes light, color, and post-processing to illustrate the sensory experience of the environment she's shoot. The bright orange tones in the sandy fields with elephants; the moody blue sunsets at her home base in London - her life and grid are a sight to behold. 

You can read more from Freya on her blog.


@thetrottergirl - nyc based, founder of Trotter, curated city guides

Sailed the English Channel and ended up in medieval Winchester, England @vikingcruises #myvikingstory

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Eva Tsang is pretty well-known on Instagram. What makes her a very special person in my world is how deeply she inspired my work with St Petian, the curated lifestyle and culture publication I created for my hometown, St Petersburg Florida. Her city guides are beautiful, minimal, artistic masterpieces that happen to take you on very cool adventures. Her Instagram is largely muted moodier tones with coffee as the subject matter - two of my favorite things in the world! 

You can read more from Eva on her blog.


Shout out to the female travelers, adventure writers, and women who are out claiming the world as their own. 

Who did I miss on this list?Who is your favorite IG traveler - MEN TOO! I love discovering new storytellers, content creators, and avid life-livers. Share your favorites in the comments below!