What Am I Going to Do in the Skoolie?

This is the question I get asked the most, almost immediately after people gawk at the immensity of this plan.

I'm sure they mean "what are you going to do to support yourself and earn a living?" Instead, I take it as an opportunity to create for them what my life will be living in this bus. Money will come - Alhen and I will create goods, work from our computers, consult with businesses doing what we do best, and have far less expenses across the board. 

So, what does my life look like in this bus? 

Behold, my first digital vision board.

Needless to say, I'm hooked. 

Creating this vision board gave me so much inspiration for the life I am creating. It's easy to get bogged down in the anticipation, in the waiting game, in the building process. Everything is conceptual, it's still upstairs (in my brain), and the bus isn't yet built out.

This life that is full of possibilities, that is wild and wholesome and rich with love, is alive in my every moment. It's the driver behind my daily choices - to save or to spend, to go out or stay in, to create or to absorb. Creating this vision board, which is now the desktop background on my computer, creates another layer of realness to this being the possibility of my future. 

Want to create a vision board for yourself? Download this template and follow the instructions layer. Share your creations in the comments below!