5 Alt-Living Instagram's Inspiring Me Right Now

I might spend too much time loving on skoolie - tiny house - alt living Instagram accounts.

It's the perfect time to join this budding community. People of all ages from all over the place are taking the plunge into mobile, alternative, off-grid living not as an escape, but as an opportunity for total freedom. The best part? Each person (or couple, oftentimes!) is making their living/way on the road in a totally unique way. 

Here are 5 Instagram accounts I'm getting daily inspiration from:


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This couple was one of the first accounts I found on YouTube when Alhen & I started searching for inspiration. This couple is killing it in the game of traveling full-time and living their dreams. While they aren't traveling now, they are instead making music and promoting a MOVIE of their bus travels. 

Could you imagine raising a child in a bus? It's one of the questions that comes to mind, being one-half of a young couple preparing to take on living tiny. While Alhen & I don't plan on having kids anytime soon, we do have four fur-kids to keep comfortable in a bus! This Little Wandering is an inspiring, beautifully curated account of living full-time in a bus, raising a family and learning about life. Not to mention, their blog is entertaining and well-written!

Building our airstream home together has been such a fun adventure.

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Can you dream of living in a vintage Airstream? The two behind the Tin Can Homestead (@bretbashaw & @natashalawyer) live with their yorkie pup in the most beautiful Airstream trailer, and just happen to run a ceramics shop out of it. Their comfortable small space, abundant greenery, and seeing how they utilize the space as a workshop quelled fears I had about being a maker in a small space. 

These folks keep it real when they share their journey! Whether it's the complication of a bedroom traffic jam or feeling like they finally get cooking in a small kitchen, their blog is a wealth of information on tiny living and making the most of life's great adventure. 

Windows are open, breeze is flowin, birds are chirping, and good vibes are everywhere! ✌🏼🚌🌿

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These folks started their journey in late November of 2016 - just a few months ago - and they built their bus from scratch! Seeing their Instagram feed, telling the story of how they started with a full-on passenger bus, seats and all, and ended with a gorgeous, airy tiny home is beyond inspiring. You can see video tours on their Facebook page, which shows just how spacious their bus feels!

Are there more accounts that I just haven't found? Link them in the comments below!