Sharing Feelings Through Mixtapes

I typically create playlists that are playable in or produce similar feelings to this environment.

I typically create playlists that are playable in or produce similar feelings to this environment.

Whistling the same tune of my recent embracing of done in my life, in response to the Done Manifesto, I’m happy (and relieved) to share not one but TWO playlists. A Wildflowers100 items and secret passion of mind, making playlists, has finally become a true source of enjoyment with the introduction of done. 

I’ve always looked at playlists as works-in-progress. How could they not be? There’s always the opportunity to add another song, move songs around, remove one that no longer fits the mood or theme. How long should a playlist be? Does this playlist even have a point anymore? 

One playlist, I’ve been working on for years. What that really means is that I crafted it, tweaked it occasionally, but was always unready to share it with anyone. I played it in a cafe once, when I was the only one there, and was embarrassed when another customer came in and audibly complimented the music. 

I present to you: Le Cafe Francais


Acoustic-influence French singer-songwriter blend with a sprinkle of les belles chansons create a coffee shop atmosphere to match the typical Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Lucy Rose, etc. This mix is meant to be shuffle-played, through playing through as organized will create a wave of mezzo-soprano jazzy piano with peaks of strong ballads Edith Piaf and quick, poppy lyricism by Coeur de Pirate. 

The second playlist is near and dear to my heart. I was most hesitant to ever create a mix for another person, as my insecurity to my own music tastes often keeps me from sharing what I love, at the fear of being “too mainstream” or listening to music everyone “has been listening to for years”. 

Someone once said to me, “When I met you, I thought for sure you’d have a really eclectic, underground indie music taste. But that doesn’t mean the music you listen to isn’t cool. It just isn’t what I expected.”

I’m done letting what other people might think of the things I love drive the sharing of my creativity and soul. 

I present to you: to be alone with you

Meant to be played in order, this is a love story that expresses many of the feelings I couldn’t communicate along the trajectory of falling madly, deeply, and comfortably in love with my dear Alhen. There’s upbeat hits, some Sufjan Stevens, a couple of my favorite songs, and this theme of being alone.

I’ve not met another person with which I could comfortably be alone - not only in the sense of just the two of us together, but that I can be complete alone, solo, independent, detached, dreaming, floating off in the ether, with him and have confidence that he’ll be around when I return. 

Do you have a favorite playlist or a special one you’ve made? Share them in the comments so I can check them out!