Wildflowers100 - A New Year Project

Graphic courtesy of  Mari Partyka

Graphic courtesy of Mari Partyka

In our own ways, 2016 was quite a year. Whether you're into astrology, politics, religion, finance, education, or the state of the human race - we had a lot going on last year. Lately, I've found it more difficult to keep my chin up and going into 2017, I metaphorically "cancelled" January so I could slow down and focus on healing. My new year technically starts February 1.

A dear friend of mine, knowing the weight my journey was setting on my soul, shared her 100 days project/theory with me in October 2016, and after adopting it on the spot, I'm now looking up to see that my first 100 days will be completed next week. She was right, I am so far from where I was on day one - and my hundred day beacon was a lighthouse of hope during the darkest times. 

Now, I'm ready to start a new 100 days. 

So, inspired by fellow blogger and friend Mari Partyka, I’ve also created a #Wildflowers100 plan for the first hundred days of 2017. Together, all these new experiences and nurturing activities will create a garden of wildflowers. Want to join us? Check out Mari's original blog via the link above and consider starting your own - share your journey on Instagram with the hashtag #Wildflowers100. 

Wildflowers 100 Journey - 14 Items for the 14 Weeks Ahead

1.       Create a Reusable Cleaning Set

a.       2 knitted washcloths

b.       set of flour sack towels

c.       natural all-purpose cleaner with recipe in reusable glass spray bottle

d.       reusable produce bags

e.       laundry soap nuts

f.        wool dryer balls

g.       essential oils

2.       Visit Family in PA

3.       Lead a 5.10

4.      Install Native Wildlife Environment *Completed! Full of butterflies, but not decidedly Pinterest worthy...

5.       Pay-off Credit Card Debt

6.      Go Car-Free *Completed, Bright Eyes is off to a good home! 

7.       Minimize to Minimalism *Completed, because I make it so. 

8.      Eat Gluten *Completed! 

#YesIAteThis - Click through to read more about my food journey

#YesIAteThis - Click through to read more about my food journey

9.    Teach a Class

10.   Harvest & Eat From My Garden *Completed. Eaten + homemade smudge sticks currently drying out. 

11.   Start a Blog *Completed, subscribe to receive new posts to your inbox

12.   Make Kombucha *In progress - SCOBY is growing! 

13.   Complete the Landmark Forum *Completed! Read the follow-up post here.

14.   Make a Mixtape (well, most likely a Spotify playlist) *Completed.

Along the way, I'll update this post with pictures or little anecdotes after completing each item. The most important part of this project, for me, is the celebration. Too often I chug through life like a dutiful train, completing one journey after the next and simply moving forward to the next task. I want to reflect on each of these activities. I want to remember why I did them and how they changed me. 

I want to grow a garden of wildflowers inside my heart - some that I cut and share with others, some that I save for myself, and some that I simply gaze upon, spreading wild like fire.