Wildflower Walk in East Tennessee | Spring / Summer

This morning, I awoke in the moody dawn light to a strong rain pounding on our metal roof.

I’d gratefully awaited this rain that wasn’t expected until next week, and new the morning would be especially lovely. I was not disappointed, and it was as if in the few minutes before the rain tapered off and I dressed to run outside that new flowers sprouted in my impromptu ‘garden.’

Read one for a detailed exploration of my unruly wild natives patch!

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Hello Goodwill, It's Nice to Meet You

I had the opportunity to tour my local Goodwill-Industries in Knoxville, TN. Director of Marketing Erin Rosalina gave me the lay of the land, the building, and the mission driving Goodwill's community impact. If you've ever donated to Goodwill, shopped secondhand, or wondered what they're doing behind those enormous thrift shops, this article explains everything.

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Book Review: All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders

At the recommendation of a friend, I gave All The Birds in the Sky a read - and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Written by trans author Charlie Jane and published in the fast-growing speculative-fiction genre, this sci-fi/fantasy mash-up gave me plenty of think about and many moments to enjoy. However, I'm completely honest in my review and share my reasons for opinion in this post. 

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Missing the Taste of Tradition

Last July, I moved from my hometown of St Petersburg, FL to Oak Ridge, TN. I embarked on this new adventure with excitement, trepidation, and an open mind. While I expected to miss friends and the routine of my previous life, I didn't intend to miss this small but meaningful tradition. Read about one of my favorite gems in Tampa, FL and get a mini-travel guide for your next visit! 

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Women Taking Leaps - Interview with Mari Andrew

Mari Andrew was instantly my friend when I came across her Instagram account. Every day, she publishes an autobiographic - humorous - relatable illustration by her own hand; a practice to which she's maintained dedication for more than two years. To start the year off with a bang, Mari's book Am I There Yet? The Loop-de-loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood published on March 27. 

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Women Taking Leaps - Interview with Erin Slocum

Erin Slocum is not your modern entrepreneur. Yes, she's started one of the most popular cultural platforms in Knoxville, Tennessee and yes, she's a boss-babe commanding a small creative team with an ambitious project schedule. Erin is also employed by Fox 44, a massive media syndicate in the Eastern US. While it may seem like quitting your job is the only option to pursue a creative vision, Erin took a different route: When the idea came up for her media-baby, Knoxville Weekend, she assembled a team from inside her organization, rallied high-level support, carefully implemented her company's resources, and has created a masterpiece. Erin's story is inspiring for any entrepreneur or hopeful-preneur who isn't interested in leaving the nest, but instead wants to learn to work within the system. 

Learn more about Erin and Knoxville Weekend in this latest Women Taking Leaps interview!

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Women Taking Leaps - Interview with Lindsey Tramuta

Lindsey Tramuta's life in Paris has spawned numerous articles, a blog called Lost in Cheeseland that's been around more than half a decade, and a recently-published book titled: The New Paris. What is the New Paris, you ask? Lindsey moved to Paris to attend college and stayed, despite what you may think you know about American's living in Paris. In the decade since, she's become acquainted with the cultural rhythm of the City of Light, cataloguing its modern renaissance through food, craft, tourism, and beyond. Lindsey's hard work helped her build a massive network, connecting her with creative minds, established pillars, and the change-makers bringing modern flair to her adopted hometown. In The New Paris, Lindsey breaks down the different facets of a changing city, evolving to meet the rapidly globalized culture and reforming its identity beyond what we could have ever romanticized. 

Learn more about Lindsey and The New Paris: 

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An Ode to the Women in My Life

In the past, I've celebrated International Women's Day with big fundraisers for the women and girls of Nepal and awareness campaigns for women's health and hygiene challenges across the globe. My career path has led me into nonprofits, businesses, and professional environments whose sole existence was to serve women. Every day. This year, I chose to do something personal. 

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