About Amelia

Millennial living the hustle-life, slowly with intent; Pisces - Aries - Scorpio, born in the year of the Water Rooster; Former Nikon, current Canon; adopter of shelter pets and local accents; going through an "I don't think I actually know anything" phase. 

I started this blog as an outlet for the conglomerate that's assembled upstairs (in my brain). Even though I'm using the knowledge - experience - mistakes - revelations to build a life I'm super stoked to be having, I feel like using that information only once and then filing it away is a waste.

My promises to you, whoever is reading: 

  • Everything I share comes from a place of authenticity
  • I write my world with my word - you'll have my full integrity here
  • You won't be asked for or expected to provide validation and engagement