2017 Shopping List

An endeavor of conscious consumerism

In 2017, I’m going to buy the items on this list and, provided there are no major emergencies or unforeseen necessities, only these items. Some I’ve already sourced and chosen my vendor, others I will find along the way. The parameters for this list are as follows: 

Sweat shop free and ethically produced: This means that wherever the product is made, the workers are safe, valued, and compensated fairly.  

Made in the USA - or by international under-served populations empowered by ethical and transparent organizations: In the event that an item is ethnically specific, produced internationally out of necessity (availability of materials, skill/craft), or is available with the option that it supports/empowers a community impacted by suffering - I will choose the internationally produced option. Otherwise, all other purchases will be made by USA grown, sourced, and produced vendors.

Made to last, and to be sustainable in their life cycle: I will not be purchasing items that are disposable or that cannot be composted/recycled at the end of their lives. I will also be making choices for items that will be useful for years to come. This means top quality materials, long-lived vendors, items with warranties and lifetime guarantees, and conscious forethought of the item’s life cycle.

When possible, buy it locally: Tampa Bay Area - my people, my places, my products

When possible, buy used: Craigslist, Offer up, Etsy, eBay, yard sales, Facebook buy/sell groups, friends + family, and thrift shops

When possible, trade or barter: Interested in professional photography + videography, business strategy consulting, executive coaching, website and brand design, entrepreneurial education, productivity coaching, nutrition and health, yoga instruction, dog walking / sitting, or lifestyle design? Let’s trade. 

When possible, buy the materials and make it: Innumerable Pinterest fails (and successes) abound!

If you see items on this list you would like to sell, gift, or barter with me - email me. 

But, what if I find something I desperately need?

This is the perfect opportunity to stop the impulse buy habit right in its tracks. In the event that something comes up that I "must have", I'm going to take thirty days to think about it. After assessing, I will have waited and considered long enough to make a decision I am comfortable with. If I do buy something outside this list, I'll be sure to ADD it with an asterisk that it was added after the fact. 

Outlined purchases: 

Becoming a full-time bike commuter & Selling My Car

After selling my car, I'll place the bulk of those funds in my savings account with an adequate budget for bike-outfitting and a modest monthly stipend for Uber and transportation emergencies. 


More Rock climbing + outdoor recreation

I'd like to replace the majority of the time I spend surfing Instagram, watching movies/TV, and internet window shopping with activities like hiking, park excursions, hammock and chill, stargazing, camping, etc.

  • Leather belay gloves
  • Approach shoes
  • Climbing shoes
  • All-weather 3-layer utility jacket
  • Touch screen capable gloves
  • Wool ear warmer
  • Wool underquilt
  • Ridgeline for hammock
  • GPS watch
  • Three pairs of athletic socks

Progressing to a minimal waste lifestyle

This may be the largest area of consumption for the whole year, which seems a bit paradoxical. However, investment in quality now saves the inconceivable price of disposable later.  

  • Reusable water bottle *Purchased
  • Glass meal-prep container set
  • Waterproof lunch bag
  • Reusable produce bags
  • Flour sack towels (three sets of five)
  • Wool dryer balls
  • Essential oils
  • Shower squeegie
  • Glass spray bottle (two)
  • Water filter
  • Airtight dog food + cat food containers *Purchased
  • Reusable freezer storage containers
  • Reusable snack + sandwich pouches
  • Reusable bulk bags
  • Reusable-items first aid kit
  • Water filter *Purchased
  • Multi-compartment file organizer *Purchased


One of my biggest reservations to the capsule wardrobe is being adequately prepared for the elements, hobbies, and specialty apparel. Mine include: being a passenger on a motorcycle, being a bike-commuter, and leading an active outdoor lifestyle. 

Learning to preserve & ferment Foods & Medicine

The healing benefits of fermented foods, the abundance of quality local produce, the expense of store-bought kombucha, and my own journey to health and wellness are leading me to can, preserve, and ferment my own p

Strengthening my photography & videography gear arsenal for new creative endeavors

In 2016, I invested in a full set of Canon professional photography equipment (replacing a decade of Nikon gear). With expanding creativity and practiced skill, there's a few things I need to complete the bodies of work I have in mind for 2017. 

Total budget: $1,359.72 

miscellaneous items (because misc. is the biggest buy trap of all)

Throughout the years, I've accumulated an immense Amazon wish list. This year, I'm making space for some of these and either deleting or delaying the rest.